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breeding goal

With us, every litter is carefully planned


The health of our dogs and puppies is our top priority. That's why we only breed dogs that have been genetically tested for all breed-typical and and also for non-breed-typical diseases. If a dog is a carrier of a disease (not affected), it will only be paired with a partner who has been tested clear . In this case, the puppies will also be tested before they are handed over. We want to 1. be able to educate the owner properly 2. only breed clear puppies from this pairing 3. thus still preserve the genetic diversity and 4. set the long-term goal of outcrossing diseases and carriers of diseases from the breed. Of course, that only works if everyone makes this their goal.

Furthermore, all our breeding dogs are x-rayed for HD, ED, OCD and LÜW at the earliest when they are 18 months old and only free animals are taken into breeding.

In order to rule out genetic eye diseases, our dogs are also examined annually by a DOK-affiliated eye specialist in addition to the genetic tests.

The bites and teeth are also examined by a general veterinarian before breeding.

Since there is unfortunately not a single epilepsy-free line in the Aussie, we also make sure that the risk of epilepsy is kept to a minimum with every mating. Unfortunately, since there is no commercial test for this disease yet, it can never be ruled out that epilepsy will occur.

In order to ensure the health of our dogs and puppies, they are also fed exclusively with rwar (BARF) and grain-free food. Click here to can learn more about BARF 

The treats and chews are also fed according to the BARF principle. When it comes to meat, treats and chews, we ensure very high quality and regionality.

In order to preserve genetic diversity, no distance is too far for us to find the right dog or the partner for one of our dogs.

It is equally important to us that none of our dogs are exploited. A bitch will have a maximum of 3 litters in her life, and the first litter at the age of 2 at the earliest. Our dogs are primarily family dogs and not breeding machines. They sleep in our bedroom and go on holiday with us.



The character of our dogs is just as important to us as their health.

Since the character is inherited to certain parts via the parents, this is also a criterion that we pay close attention to when selecting the parent animals.

The goal is to breed strong, friendly, open-minded, intelligent, easy-to-handle, well-balanced dogs that are clear-headed and not just driven. Who can both rest and power. A friend for life who is fun to work and spend time with.

Dogs that show aggressive behavior in any way, whether toward humans or other animals, will be disqualified from breeding.

Nevertheless, the basic characteristics of the Australian Shepherd should be preserved. This includes an easily manageable herding (or driving) instinct, as well as a well-developed, manageable protective instinct.



Das dritte, und nicht weniger wichtige, Ziel ist es, den Rassestandard zu erhalten.

Unsere Zuchthunde sind alle dem Rassestandard entsprechend und das Ziel ist es, diesen auch in den Welpen zu erhalten.

Neben den optischen Eigenschaften ist ein großes Anliegen, den stark ausgeprägten Will-To-Please zu erhalten.

Der Aussie ist ein Allrounder, und das soll er auch bleiben, egal ob im Alltag, bei der Arbeit am Vieh oder im Sport. They can do it all!

Der komplette Rassestandard des ASCA ist hier zu finden.

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