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I wanted something special for my kennel name, something that not everyone has. Something related to the look of the Aussie, its country of origin  America, as well as the relation to Michel, my first Aussie.

The Mahogany "pedigree" is quite branched, as the Aussie's pedigree is.



The most well-known mahogany is the mighty American mahogany tree. It may come from South America, but we don't want to weigh everything in gold. 

There they are considered protectors of the jungle, similar to how the Australian Shepherd was considered protector of farms in North America.

He stands on an enormously wide trunk and thus stands on a solid building, which I also think, is important for the Aussie.

The seeds of this tree take 12 years to grow into a tree. It is the same in breeding, it takes time to achieve your breeding goal, because good things take time.

Because of its beautiful wood, the mighty American mahogany is the most coveted, highest quality and most expensive tree in the world and is also on the red list of endangered species.

The color of the wood is very diverse. The core is reddish-brown to light brown and grayish on the outside, just like the different colors of Aussie fur.

This tree is resilient to almost anything, as is the Aussie. My vet once told me that this is the hardiest breed she knows.


The reddish shimmer of the wood also reminds me of Michel's eyes, as they glow reddish-brown, especially in the sunlight. Its fur also has a reddish tinge in the sunlight due to its reddish undercoat.

In the end I just find this name special and it sounds very melodic to me.

Our logo should also be related to the Aussie's country of origin.

What could be more obvious than the Native Americans? Since it was them who gave the breed the name Ghosteyeddog.

That's why the Aussies in our logo wear a Native American headdress.

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