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Vaccination, parasite control, deworming

As much as necessary, as little as possible!


Our dogs are immunized with the most necessary basic.

They also get the rabies vaccination, as these are mandatory in the dog club and for trips abroad.

It has been proven that a basic immunization in the 8th week is often ineffective, since the puppy still carries antibodies from the mother up to the 16th week, and that is exactly why certain vaccines are vaccinated, for example in the 8th, 12th and 16th week. In theory, the 16th week alone would be enough. However, since many associations prescribe this, our puppies are also vaccinated in the 8th week.

parasite defense

Since we do not want to burden our dogs with chemicals unnecessarily, they are only protected against them with natural means. A tick tablet or spot-on from the vet is out of the question for us, as these can lead to seizures and in some cases even death.

And the Aussie and other herding dog breeds are particular candidates for such negative examples due to epilepsy and the MDR1 defect, among other things.


Our dogs are not temporarily dewormed. We have our four-legged friends' droppings checked for worms every 3 months and only use deworming products if the results are positive.

Deworming tablets do not have a preventive effect, but would only combat a possible current infestation. So why burden your dog with chemicals unnecessarily when you can first test whether an infestation is present and if so, then treat the parasite in question.

In addition, repeated prophylactic deworming can lead to resistance to the active substance, which makes subsequent treatment of an actual infestation very difficult.


In the following we show you vaccines for dogs and their abbreviation:

T or R = Rabies / Rabies

S or D = distemper / distemper

CV or CCV = Coronavirus / Canine Coronavirus

H or A2 = hepatitis / adenovirus 2

L = leptospirosis

P = Pravovirus

Pi = parainfluenza

Bb = Bordetella bronchiseptica

SHP = combination vaccine distemper-hepatitis-pravovirosis

SHPPi = combination vaccine distemper-hepatitis-pravovirosis-parainfluenza

SHPPi/L2 or L4 = combination vaccine distemper-hepatitis-pravovirosis-parainfluenza-leptospirosis 2 or leptospirosis 4

SHPPi/LT = Combined distemper-hepatitis-pravovirosis-parainfluenza-leptospirosis-rabies vaccine

Natural defense against parasites

We use the following additives for parasite defense against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and worms


coconut oil

grated coconut

Garlic in small amounts

Black cumin oil in small amounts (not suitable for epileptics)

brewer's yeast

In addition, our dogs are checked for ticks after every walk, because there is no 100% guarantee.

In years with a particularly high number of ticks, we also use natural (!) Spot-Ons, without chemicals, or natural agents with which the dogs are rubbed.

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