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about us

We, the Becker family, consisting of me, Anna, 25 years old, my mum, Maria, 58 years old, my dad, Werner, 61 years old, live in beautiful Aschaffenburg, in Lower Franconia/Bavaria, on two merging properties with a garden. My brother, Christian, 30 years old, with his two cats, Mavis and Vanja and his tomcat Gordon, all 2 years old, and my grandmother, Maria, 95 years old, also live on our property.

We love to travel and that's why we wanted a great, adventurous dog that would accompany us in our camper when we explore the world together and can also protect it.

We are also happy to come to you with our camper if the way to us is too far for you.


I am working at a tax office and am currently doing a bachelor's degree in business administration and law. For as long as I can remember I grew up with animals. Since I was born there was the Labrador mix Johnny, then Fuji the Dalmatian from animal welfare, as well as the rabbits Princess and Felix and the cat Mimi (there is only 1 picture of her, which unfortunately could not be found).


My dad, Werner, who infected us with the Aussie virus. He was charmed by a co-worker's Aussie and has had a vision of an Aussie for his camper ever since. At the end of 2018 the camper moved in and since then I have followed the breeder of Michel, our first Aussie. In April 2020, after more than 2 years of research and preparation, the first meeting took place and at the end of September 2020 little Michel moved in with us.


My mom, Maria, fell in love with Michel right away. She manages everything at home and all 3 together we are a great team and with Michel at our side we are complete.

She supports me in everything, especially when it comes to breeding, dog training, research, etc.

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