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TDGCH DDF-CH Red Fire's On The Road 'Michel' DNA CP TDROM ETD-M OSD TC2 AA4



HD: A1 Excellent    ED: 0/0   OCD:clear

LÜW: Type 0 - Opinion Dr. Witteborg

Free of:

MDR1, CEA, CD, PRA-prcd, PRA-pcd3, HSF4, DM, NCL-5, NCL-6, NCL8, CMR1-3, PLL, HUU, ECI, HC, IGS Type 1-3, DCM, CSNB, FGF4, CMO, factor VII deficiency, MH,

Von Willebrand type I-III

Free from Brachyury (Inherits long rods only)

Pelger-Huet: negative (no abnormalities)

Eyes: yearly free (DOK)

Incomplete correct scissors

(a missing P1)

Polydactyly: pd/pd

(normal toes, no dewclaw)

Chondrodystrophy & predisposition to herniated discs

(CDDY / IVDD): N/N (no predisposition)

Chondrodysplasia (CDPA): cd/cd

(normal leg length)


All About  Michel

Michel is a sensitive and charming male.

He has an absolutely good-natured, loving, friendly, open-minded character.

Michel avoids any argument.  He also shows very good social and pack behavior. He communicates clearly and accepts corrections from his peers well. He is also completely relaxed in the pack and fits in perfectly with the group.

Michel gets along really well with other animals because he lives with two cats and a tomcat.

At home, Michel is mostly quiet and is sometimes satisfied with a little less activity. But he can also power in exactly the same way if you ask him to or if it is necessary.


The name says it all for him, because Michel is a cheeky little rascal, a real slob who likes to make you laugh.

All in all, Michel is a wonderful family dog that goes everywhere with its owners while remaining calm and composed. Michel shows no shyness or reservations towards strangers and approaches the unknown without fear and is enthusiastic about everything.


When playing, he likes to talk a lot, he lets you know if he needs something or if someone is at the door, otherwise he is calm at home and especially outside and does not bark.


 He has an easily controllable hunting instinct, herding instinct or protective instinct.


Michel loves driving, he always looks out of the window or sleeps, which is very practical, because he also travels in the mobile home.

Winter is his passion, he would love to run and dig in the snow all day long, but he loves the water and his snout to the wind just as much.

If you want to make Michel happy, you can play football with him, he loves balls of all sizes and likes to fetch them and everything else. He also enjoys jogging, playing Frisbee and beginning agility, as well as training in a dog club or dog scootering.

He is very intelligent, typical of the breed, and has a pronounced will-to-please. Michel loves working with his people and being given a task, which is why he loves to learn new tricks and commands very quickly.


This is how Michel achieved the title Trick Dog Champion within a week.

Michel is available for suitable bitches with ASCA papers.

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